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May 29, 2017

Welcome to a new episode of the Front Pew! We appreciate you taking some time to listen in and interact with the show. This week it is a mythbuster episode where we try to deal with a common myth that exists when it comes to pastors and churches. 

Have you ever heard someone say that pastors only work 2 days a week, or that they keep bankers hours? It's a silly little joke that has floated around for a while that every pastor has heard at one time in his ministry. So, we thought we would try to bust this myth by talking about how ministry is work and what that work should look like. We enjoyed swapping some stories, sharing how we organize our work week, and how we have learned how to find some balance between family, ministry, preaching and other responsibilities that we have as pastors.

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May 22, 2017

Welcome to our newest episode of the Front Pew! Last week we started a discussion on worship that we affectionately called the "Worship Wars." This week we continue that conversation, but we don't really finish it...there is so much to say about this important subject. 

Anyway, last week we focused on liturgy and in this episode we focus on leadership. Which one is right...the regulative or normative principle? How does a pastor lead the church and the worship team in worship? Should he pick the songs? What about the choir and special music? What should happen in our worship services according to the Bible and how do we get there? We try to tackle these and a few other questions.

Remember that we are giving away a book, and we would love for you to get it! And it is a great book called "Rhythms of Grace," by Mike Cosper and made available from our friends at CrossWay Publishing. All you need to do is leave us an honest review on iTunes and your name will be entered in the drawing.

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May 15, 2017

Welcome to a new episode of the Front Pew! This week we thought we would talk about worship, which we know can be quite an exciting subject in the church world these days. Every church gathers for a "worship service," and every gathering is planned with certain purposes and goals in mind. So, how should we think about worship, and what do we do when a worship war breaks out?

This episode is the first part of our conversation and we focus on worship liturgy. Next week we will talk about worship leadership. We are also very thankful that we are able to give away a great resource, a book on worship by Mike Cosper entitled "Rhythms of Grace, provided by CrossWay books. For a chance to win this book all you have to do is give us an honest review on iTunes, and we will randomly selected a reviewed and have the book sent to you!

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May 12, 2017

Thank you for listening to the Front Pew! We enjoy discussing various issues that we as pastors talk about when we get together. Sometimes a lot of what we see from the front pew are challenges and concerns, but we also are privileged to see the amazing change that happens when Christ transforms a life. We really do have a front row seat to observe the powerful grace of God in the lives of the people we pastor and love.

So, from time to time we want to share with you these stories of grace. Today we are happy to introduce you to our friend, Charlie Brown. Yes, that is his real name--he will explain why in this episode! He has a powerful testimony of God's grace delivering him from addiction and then using him to plant a church in the inner city of Baltimore. We think you will be greatly encouraged by this testimony of grace!

If you want to connect with Charlie, you can do so though his church website ( or email ( 


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May 8, 2017

Welcome to a new episode of the Front Pew! We really appreciate you listening and joining in the conversation. This week we chat about how to handle the problem of evil, not from a philosophical or apologetical approach, but from a pastoral one. 

The Bible teaches us that we live in a broken world filled with broken people, including us! It is inevitable that pain, suffering, tragedy and hurt will break upon us at some time in our lives. When we ask the normal and common question, "Why Lord?" what is the answer? Is there an answer? And how should we as brothers and sisters in Christ walk with those who have experienced the effects of evil against them?

These are hard but important questions that we try our best to answer in a way that is biblical, helpful, and pastoral. We hope that this episode will not only be instructive, but give you some tools as a believer, no matter which pew you sit on, to process suffering in your own life and minister to those around you who are struggling.

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Apr 28, 2017

We are happy to announce the addition of Matt Capps to the Front Pew! In this episode we get Matt to share his story of faith, church, and pastoring. As a relatively young pastor, Matt will bring a different perspective to our conversation, since Chris is almost 50 and Ben is now over the hill at 41.

So, today we want to use this episode to introduce you to Matt, and to ask him what challenges he faces as a youngish pastor in a new ministry context. We discuss ministerial loneliness, the pressure of being the leader, handling staff issues, and other things we aren't taught in seminary! You will also be disappointed to learn that Matt has never enjoyed chipped beef and gravy. Oh well. It's a very interesting conversation, so join us on the Front Pew.

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Apr 21, 2017

Welcome to a new episode of the Front Pew! We really do appreciate you subscribing to the podcast and being a part of the conversation. 

This week we discuss a subject that isn't talked about that much, but it an important issue for pastors--something we are calling "pastoral PMS" which stands for "post message syndrome." A lot of pastors experience what is called the "Monday Blues," or the "preacher's hangover" after a busy Sunday of preaching and ministering. It's not depression--we are going to tackle that subject in a future episode--but it is a real thing that effects the body, soul and mind of the pastor.

Listen in as we talk about what pastoral PMS is, what it feels like, and some ways we can work through it as pastors, and how church members can help their pastors to avoid "bread truck Mondays," as Ben calls it.

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Apr 14, 2017

Welcome to a new episode of the Front Pew...we appreciate you listening! Are you ready to celebrate Easter? We have a little chat about how Easter services have become really important in the modern church, so much so that we often talk about Easter Sunday as the Superbowl of the church year. Some churches have giant egg hunts, give away really nice prizes, and have all kinds of special things happening in the service. It really is a big deal.

Well, is that ok? Chris and Ben discuss this and a few other things in this special, just-in-time-for-Easter mega-podcast! Have a listen, and we hope, in all seriousness, that when you gather with the saints in your local church on Easter Sunday that your heart will rejoice in the good news of a risen Savior.

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We really do appreciate you tuning in and joining in the conversation from the front pew! Have a wonderful Easter celebration!

Apr 7, 2017

We record the show on Friday mornings, so we thought we would just go ahead and try to upload it on Fridays! So, welcome to our first Friday show...hope you enjoy it!

It is impossible to live in this day and avoid political discussions and events. We are surrounded by a constant political conversation, and every time we surf the internet, turn on the TV, or listen to talk radio (or podcasts), politics makes an appearance.

So, how should pastors engage in political discussions, especially in the church? Should church members encourage or discourage political sermons? We aren't really sure what the answers are, but we give it a shot on this episode. 

We also talk about a new BBQ restaurant in our little village of Denver, as well as the UNC victory and we even have an audio clip from the TV show "The View" that is very enlightening!

Thanks for listening! Be sure to subscribe on iTunes or any other pod catcher, and if you can, give us a review. Contact via email (, Twitter (@thefrontpew) or on our Facebook page (The Front Pew). Have a great weekend and we will see you next week on the front pew!

Apr 3, 2017

Thank you for joining us on the Front Pew! Today we want to start what we think will be an on-going series entitled "Myth Busters - Pastor Edition." We want to talk about some subtle myths that people my have about their pastors, which might actually lead to them believing wrongly about themselves! Today we tackle the issue of the pastor's super, amazing, deep and much better spiritual life than the average Christian!

So, do you have a quiet time? Do you think it is as awesome as your pastor's time in the Word? We have a lot of fun busting up this myth in this episode.

Admittedly the recording isn't that great...and that is due to human error! I think we have it figured out and that it will improve. It does get some better around the 3 minute mark. I think we have figured out what went wrong and it should improve in upcoming episodes.

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Mar 30, 2017

Thank you for joining us on the Front Pew! One of our desires with this podcast is to glorify the Lord by sharing stories of His transforming grace in the lives of some people we know. Our first testimony of grace is from our friend Kemp England.

We hope you are encouraged by this conversation about a kid who grows up in a little town, raised by a single mom, who grows up to be a star athlete in high school, married, a father of two, who lived in great spiritual despair, trying to do everything he could to be saved. One day, sitting at a picnic table in park, that all changed as God's grace opened his eyes.

This was such a fun conversation as we talk about worshiping in a black church vs. a white church, speaking in tongues, and what it was like for a black man from Maiden to marry a white girl from upstate New York, among other things!

Thanks again for listening and don't forget to subscribe on iTunes and leave us a review. You can connect with us through email at, Twitter @thefrontpew, or on our Facebook page. 

Mar 27, 2017

Welcome to a new episode from the Front Pew! A couple weeks ago we received an email from a listener asking us to talk about how to lead change in the church. Here is part of the email:

"How do you lead change? Some say you really need to bring people along during change...get investors, create buy-in. Others say 'I am the pastor...God has called me here, I know where to go, just follow me.' Which way is right? And how do you lead change when the folks you are leading are much older?"

Those are great questions, and hopefully we answered them in a helpful way. Take a listen and let us know what suggestions you might have as either a pastor or a pew sitter for navigating change in the church.

In this episode Chris takes time to mourn Chuck Berry and makes fun of Ben's name. Ben tries to claim that Chris is a Calvinist, and they both reflect on a recent visit to a Brazilian steak house. 

Also, this week we air a special commercial that we think will inspire you!

You can connect with us by email (,  Twitter (@thefrontpew) or on our Facebook page (The Front Pew). Thanks again for listening!

Mar 20, 2017

Every community has several churches, especially in the South. Jesus prayed that His followers would be one, that we would be united in His mission, even though we may attend different local fellowships. In the heart of many pastors and church members, we often view other ministries, other churches, and other pastors as competitors. We compete for church members, we compete for dollars, we compete for ministry influence. 


What if we viewed each other as co-laborers in the gospel, rather than competitors? What if we collaborated together instead of competing with each other?


In this episode we discuss how pastors and churches can show the community our unity in the gospel and mission by being intentional about collaborating with each other. We discuss 6 ideas that we believe will encourage this in your church and community:


[1] Pastors being committed to gathering with each other weekly to pray for one another.

[2] Praying for other congregations when your local church gathers on Sunday mornings.

[3] Finding a time to worship together as a collection of churches in one service, for example, a Good Friday Service.

[4] Doing community ministry together.

[5] Agreeing to pastor together by encouraging healthy church membership and discouraging church hopping in your community.

[6] Preaching a sermon series together and swapping pulpits.


This has been our experience as 2 local pastors serving 2 different churches in 1 small town, and it has been transforming for us and hopefully for our congregations as well. That's why this episode was so enjoyable for us to record. We hope you enjoy it as well!

Thanks for listening and interacting with us. Be sure to subscribe on iTunes and leave us a review. You can contact us at or on Twitter @thefrontpew, and also on our Facebook page, The Front Pew.

Mar 13, 2017

Well, it happened again. We recorded a show, which was a great show by the way, and Chris' computer crashed for a second time! So we now have two lost episodes, both of which were phenomenal! We grabbed an old laptop and recorded to it, and we aren't real sure how the sound will be...thanks for listening and being patient with us as a couple of very un-technical pastors try to be technical with sound equipment!

In this episode we conclude our discussion of the 5 questions that help us form an biblical understanding of the church:

[1] What is the local church?

[2] Why do we gather?

[3] Who is the pastor?

[4] What role does the Bible play?

[5] How do people really change?


Before we discuss our love for the church, Chris goes on a little Carolina rant, which he is apt to do from time to time. And if you listen carefully, the always nice and gentle Ben gets a little negative and mean!

Thanks again for listening to The Front Pew. Be sure to subscribe on iTunes and if possible leave us a review. You can connect with us through email (, Twitter (@thefrontpew) or on Facebook.

Mar 6, 2017

Welcome to the new episode of the Front Pew...we really appreciate you spending some time with us. In this podcast we begin asking five foundational questions which help us form a biblical view of the church. That might sound boring, but trust us, it is a fascinating and interesting conversation!

Plus, Chris comes out of retirement to play one final church league basketball game, and both Ben and Chris wonder what Adele would sing if she was invited to our church. 

Hope you enjoy the chat, and be sure to join in the conversation! You can do so by subscribing to the podcast on iTunes (feel free to leave us a helps Ben's self-esteem), contacting us by email at, or on Twitter, @thefrontpew. We also have a Facebook page, The Front Pew. Feel free to drop us a line, ask us a question, or share your opinion. 

Feb 27, 2017

In this episode we continue our discussion about the church and the scorecards we keep. As pastors who serve the local church, we both love the body of Christ and desire to see God use the church to "turn the world upside down" with the gospel of Jesus Christ, who is the head of the church. But there is a real and serious problem that we face: statistics seem to show that our communities are largely unreached with the gospel and the church is failing in the mission. In our own community it is estimated that 75% are not connected to Christ or His church. So, how do we solve this problem? What is the best approach of the local church to accomplish the mission given to us by Christ?

We wade into the issue of attractional vs. doctrinal vs. missional church models, and even discuss the use of gimmicks to draw a crowd. Ben asks the question, "What does God really want?" when it comes to our ministries, gatherings, and mission endeavors. It is an important question and one that every pastor and church member should think through. We try to think through it a little bit in this episode, and we are thankful to have you listen in and join in the conversation.

Thank you for the encouragement you have shown as we have launched this little podcast from the village of Denver, NC! Feel free to interact with us:


Twitter: @thefrontpew

Facebook: The Front Pew


Feb 20, 2017

Most of us believe that God is blessing our ministry and our churches, right? But how do we know? What should we look for as evidence that God's hand is on our church? In this episode we wade into the subject of "ministry scorecards." What are we keeping score of and why?

If you are a pastor, what is your scorecard that reveals to you that you are successful in ministry? If you are a member of a church, how do you recognize the blessing of God? What are you counting as proof that God is at work in your church?

This was a fun conversation and is the launching pad for continuing this important discussion. Thanks for listening and sitting with us on the Front Pew.

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Feb 13, 2017

In episode 2 Ben shared his story of how a boy from Scranton finds himself a pastor in Denver, NC. Now in episode 3 it is Chris' turn to tell his story, which includes flunking out of college, questioning the faith he grew up with, and navigating bouts of depression while celebrating God's grace and mercy.


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