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Jun 5, 2017

We love books, and one of the things that we often talk about as pastors are different books that have shaped us and encouraged us in ministry. As the saying goes, every leader is a reader. So, in this episode we talk about books, reading, book allowances and how all of these help both pastor and people sharpen their mind, strengthen their faith and grow as leaders in the church. 


We review four reasons why reading is essential, as well as give our summer reading suggestions from several categories, including theology, history, the Christian life and potpouri! Look for these suggestions on our Face Book page.


We admit it...this is kind of a nerdy episode, but we believe it is more important than ever that we as pastors and people grow in our understanding of the gospel, know how to give a defense of the faith in light of the secular culture, and engage our minds to grow through reading. After all, reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.


In this episode we also announce the winner of Mike Cosper's book "Rhythms of Grace" as well as announce a new contest where somebody is going to win another book! 


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